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Hi Folks,

I am about to make an H bridge myself using L298N to drive 2 motors. I have been searching to find a good diagram, with all the parts needed so that I can buy the parts, or find it from my stock and get things done.

Does anyone here have a complete diagram for this with Protection diodes and Capacitors and their values.

Google isnt helping me. :-/

P.S: Not asking to be spoonfed, but I am making this thread after hours of googling wihtout any satisfactory results :-/


Have you looked at the datasheet, more specifically page 6?

For your convenience, the link is here.

Basically, you need 8 diodes ( 4 per channel, of type FR), and just 2  x 100nF caps (at +Vs and +Vss) and 1 resistor (Rs).

Rs has to be calculated as per datasheet instructions.

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On a related note, the "multiwatt" package- see pic below- is "breadboard-unfriendly".... iirc those two rows of pins are staggered and you'll need to do some careful bending, or solder leads on instead, maybe.
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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


I advise against trying to breadboard an L298N. Aside fro the breadboard-hostile package, a breadboard isn't meant to handle the sort of currents that the L298N can. Buy a cheap L298N board from eBay instead.
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