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Hello everybody!
I'm still a newbie (still trying to learn from tutorials and so on) but i need to realize that project somehow. Maybe you can give me some informations.
I want to weave together conductive wires and normal yarn.
After that, I print thermocromic ink over the tissue.
Now i want to use the arduino to heat up the wires. (thermochromic ink changes colour at 86°F / 30°C).
So my question is, which arduino and what parts do I need/what do you recommend?
I would be really grateful for some informations!

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The Arduino you choose will be based on the number of distinct yarn strands you want to heat and whatever else you expect the Arduino to do.

For the other parts, you will have to determine the amount of current needed to raise the wire's temperature.  (In other words, you will have to provide more details.)


you may use Nichrome wires, search for the tiniest according to the project that you need.

Do some research!

Nichrome wires has a high melting point, low corrosion and they are resistors.

I guess you can use them directly if the resistance is enough to avoid the short circuit, and only warm them a little is needed.

if you need that very hot you may need extra voltage and current and control that aside the arduino, using a module that take care of that.
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you might want to look at firework ignitior,

talon is a trade name,

variations on the web available depending where you are,

apply a voltage and the ignite.

I use them for fire work displays,


If you use nichrome wire remember it will not solder you have to use some form of crimping. You will also need a transistor or FET as the currents involved are way over what an arduino can supply.
Unless you want the whole thing to change at the same time do not put the wire in the warp and the weft, just one only.
I would have thought a firework igniter would be far too hot.

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