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Oct 15, 2014, 05:15 am Last Edit: Oct 15, 2014, 05:29 am by KenF Reason: 1
I was following this guide but unfortunately the links to the software don't work anymore. :(

Has anyone got an alternative link to GIVEIO that works? or any alternative solution.  (I broke my bootloader)


OK got myself an alternative parallel port programmer.  All setup, configured and ready to go.  So now does anyone know where  I get a copy of the bootloader for the Arduino Mega2560 from?


OK Found the bootloader code (including the source) Checking though this I notice it has a prompt available if you send it three "!" within a preset time at boot.  It would appear that this is the same version as was on my arduino originally.

Attempting to get the monitor function on boot up ("!!!"), I find, sometimes it'll respond with something, mostly it doesn't.  When it does respond, it sends back incomplete strings.I know that they're incomplete because I can see what it's trying to say in the source code.  Nevertheless, after this half baked attempt at sending info back to the user, the monitor function falls over. 

I'm still hoping that it's corruption of the boot loader somewhere then a clean upload will fix it.  Anyhow, this project is going to have to be put on a backburner now until the morning (got to get into the loft to dig out a parallel cable)


OK All sorted.  I'd like to say, "Hey thanks guys!" but........

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