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I want to align 60 LEDs (5050, rectangular footprint) along a circle. How can I do that? should I draw a circle as a reference on a layer and somehow align LEDs on it? Do I have to manually drag and place all the parts? That also means I will have to manually rotate parts with different angles 60 times!

These 60 RGB LEDs form a matrix in the schematic. Since I want to map them along a circle, the wires looks pretty messy, and I guess manually drag and place them along the circle won't be a good idea? Any suggestions?



A quick google leads to this

Thanks, but I'm not sure how is this post relevant to my questions?


By writing a script that places your parts for you, automatically. The only other way is to place them manually just as you described. All 60 of them.

A script is a better way to go.

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