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hello every :) body :
well in my country there is no arduino, and if you want to get it from outside it will be charged higher three or four times , but the could thing that i could found all the hardware component of arduino Uno , so i need the eagle schematic for this arduino uno on Single Side board because i can print only on single side board , so please help , XD

thank you any way .
but i need to print it on PCB on single side , so i need the schematic for arduino uno rev 3 (eagle prefered ) on Single sidey


That last link gave you the schematic.
You can't have a single sided schematic there is no such thing. It only becomes single sided when you do the layout.
There is no need to use a PCB you can use strip board.

There is some information here:-


I'm with GM on this one: there is no such thing as a single sided schematic.  A layout can be single sided, dual sided, or even multiple layers, but a schematic is just that, a schematic.  So what you're asking for is a single sided layout of all the traces and components.  You can grab the eagle files for any of the Arduino boards and re-run the traces yourself on one side.

SORRY EVERY BODY for bad english  :smiley-sad-blue: :~
i meant single side layout for arduino uno rev 3 


SORRY EVERY BODY for bad english  :smiley-sad-blue: :~
i meant single side layout for arduino uno rev 3 

That includes surface mounted components you know.
Just go to the Uno page
There you will see a link to the schematic
Schematic & Reference Design

EAGLE files: arduino-uno-Rev3-reference-design.zip (NOTE: works with Eagle 6.0 and newer)

Schematic: arduino-uno-Rev3-schematic.pdf

Take the schematic and lay it out as a single sided design.

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