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Hi Headroom,

I will try to draw a schematic by hand to upload it soon. By the way, did you accomplished powering led driver by using only one 9v Battery on Arduino and nothing else?

Right now i'm considering going through digital pin OUTPUT, 5V 40ma to LM317 + 1.8Ohm to pulsate the Led. As described on Instructables -> http://www.instructables.com/id/Super-simple-high-power-LED-driver/?ALLSTEPS

Any chance that this would power the led bright enough?

Thanks for the board help!


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how about LDD-700H/700mA

LDD-H family:

Constant current output 300mA~1000mA
Wide input voltage:9~56V
Wide output LED string voltage:2~52V
High efficiency up to 97%
cost <6.00 USD
easily find at local

I have thread title is "Sync a motor to HDMI signal", but don't be influence by title.


The LED driver by PT4115 is working same a way, but it might be no available at local.


The LED driver board I posted is available throug ebay and costs 3,50 not including shipping.


No I did not operate that LED driver board from a 9V battery I had three of these to operate a 700mA RGB LED. I would not attempt to do that with a 9V battery ;-)

However, If you initial Driver worked from a 9V battery there is no reason the Driver I suggested should not be able to do that. It uses the same IC.


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