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Hey guys!! Yes I am a newbie for sure but I am a professional gov't software developer so I am not that bad, new to Android\Arduino communication. I am trying to connect my android to arduino. Then it will be attached to one of my dads old r/c plane. HTTP Requests will talk to Android and Android talk to Arduino. I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S with CryogenMod for this "drone". Of course, I would prefer the MEGA ADK but I simply cannot get EITHER to connect to phone. I have used Apps: Arduino's "DemoKit" and "Arduino Controller". I get nothing. I have tried many other tutorials. Rite now if I can just get the a "Hello World" and just turn on LED pin 13 I would be ready to roll. If you have a sketch and app, please help.

These are the 2 Arduino's I could use.

  • Arduino mega adk for android

  • Arduino UNO with a seeduino bluetooth sheild


Arduino UNO with a seeduino bluetooth sheild

What is the range of that shield? How far can you actually fly with that shield.
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As to the mega adk+samsung issue.
If it's what what I think then the problem is the same as what I found with my sony phone.
You need to change the UID and VID in the arduino code.

If you on windows, plug you phone into usb, open device manager and look in the phone properties.
On mac its a bit harder.
Sorry for the noobish post but my knowledge is 10 years out of date!


I thing the bluetooth range is 10m. I want to use the arduino for android that is what it is made for. But I have a unock Cyogenmod Samsung S, rooted, with Ice Cream Sandwich. It has accessory mode. I just need a sketch to have a button in the eclipse andoird app, and an arduino sketch to connect to phone. Then a "Hello World" by using a simple pin 13 blink.

I cannot get the demokit to work! ughhh

thanks for help guys.

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