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Hey! I'm new to this forum so I appologize if this is on the wrong board but here's my idea:
    I'm a huge doctor who fan and I would like to build a replica of the docotor's sonic screwdriver. But instead of making a prop that just blinks and makes noise, at first I thought that I should just add a bit of tvbgone magic to it. But then I thought what if I created a system of infrared emiters and receivers intagrated into locks and such. The problem is that I don't know where to begin. Of coarse I will begin by building the prop,  but from there I don't have the slightest clue as to where to go.

(Any suggestions are wellcome, and if I am on the wrong board feel free to tell me).



I'd recommend the TSOP line of IR receivers, a simple websearch should reveal many implementations and shops that carry them. Add some basic IR LED's, an atmega or other AVR (I'd recommend an arduino compatible one, ATTiny's might be quite suitable) and build a stand-alone-arduino (or RBBB (really bare bones board)).

That should give you a small size, IR communication capabilities and do what you asked.
However, since you're claiming to be a 'huge doctor who fan' who wants to build a sonic screwdriver, don't you think you should be ashamed? Sounds like you should be doing this with a speaker/microphone combination instead  ;D


Point Taken!!:D
I appriciate the Help!


My son had a toy sonic screwdriver and astonishes his friends by opening his car with it.
While waving it at the car he pushes the remote opener in his pocket with his other hand.


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Sounds like something that I would've done. ;)

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