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Just thought I would share my method of using an external editor with the Arduino IDE, I am sure many of you old hands have your own method and I acknowledge this is unlikely to be new to many here.  However for those new to Arduino and are looking for a middle ground, this may be useful.

Most of the hard work was done by user Riva on these forums

This will only work on Windows, but there are many cross platform editors available that have much the same options that could probably be adapted sublime text 2 and if someone had the know how Komodo-edit with a user defined language would be a great, hint, hint.

To avoid a long post I have attached my method as a text file.

Best regards



Thank you for the input!  I would like to try this method but I'm lost at steps 15 and 16 from your text file.  Are the changes being made while in the "run" menu?  Is the arduino executable being renamed?


Just went through your tutorial and the only problem I am having is after saving a sketch in NPP, and select run>Arduino, it doesn't import anything into the Arduino IDE.


First ijm51000 - Thanks!  I'm the guy you targeted.  New to Areuino and tools pertinent to it.  I just made up my mind to try NPP as a substitute editor to the Arduino IDE two days ago.   

I had a problem similar to the two postings above related to steps 15 & 16, and I'll think the fix will work for them also.  You have to use quotes. 

I re-wrote your step 16 in my records as:

16 add the following to the end of the line $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH), so it should look something like this (Don't forget the QUOTES"!) "C:\arduino-1.0.4\arduino.exe" "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

Another hiccup I had was to enter .ino in step 3.  But I should not have entered the leading ".", just ino.  Your instructions were correct, my error! 

NPP is working great now.  Thanks for the posting!


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1nme - No the Arduino executable is not being renamed.  What you are doing is setting up a command string to be executed later when you have finished your editing and then want to try to compile the program.  In your NPP session, after saving your recent modifications you would select Run>ArduinoIDE, the Arduino IDE would start up with the ino file you have been editing loaded.  You hit CTRL-R and hopefully the compile operation is successful!  

To make my installation work properly, I had to add quotes like this:
"C:\arduino-1.0.4\arduino.exe" "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

The first string enclosed by quotes is of course the full path reference to your Arduino IDE.  So when executed, it causes the Arduino IDE to run.  The second string enclosed by quotes is a variable loaded by NPP and contains the full path to the .ino file you are editing. On my system a typical value of $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) might be: "D:\Arduino\Sketches\Blink\Blink.ino".

You can get more information in NPP on use of the Run menu item by selecting ?>Help Contents>Command.

Good Luck!





ijm51000 thanks for such a nice procedure for NPP for Arduino IDE. I am trying it and have problem in configuring NPP. Every thing went well till step 9. After Installing the addon from Sourcecookifire (Sourcecookifire.dll I am lost. I did NPP restart don't find Plugins - SourceCookifier in Plugin. Plugin shows only


Mime Tools

NPP Export

Mime tools drop down also does not mention sourcecookifire.

I am trying this for the first time. I always used NPP as a text editor.

Please help


Dear ssprasad2010

The Sourcecookifire.dll must be in the plugin folder. In other words it must be installed or extracted to the following


That said the files from the http://sourceforge.net/projects/sourcecookifier/ have to be extracted to where I typed.

I do hope that that helped in any way. It is a year ago about when last this was edited I think so if I made a mistake of twice sorry :)

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