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wifi reference ( http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/WiFi ) documentation litle weak (and ethernet reference ).
Please add Stream  class link ( http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/Stream ) to the reference page(s).

it will be useful for accessing list of commands .


I will tag along with more requests:

1) document the undocumented functions such as WiFi::status()
2) document whether WiFi.disconnect() is needed if WiFi.begin is called and no connection is established
3) why WiFi.macAddress() returns MAC address ONLY when the shield is connected to a router and zeros if not?
4) why is the returned MAC address different from the one on the sticker
5) does the wifi chip keep active connection and renew IP address even when there is long period of time when there is no data sent?

Lots more. The wifi firmware needs to be dissected so we know what happens when we call a function when the wifi chip is in a certain state.
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