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I have two brs368h130abb motors they are 3 phase steppers, in the casing I see 3 connectors, each seams to be internally soldered to 2 wires.

I Need to drive this motors.

What driver schematics do I need and what voltages, can i drive it only with mosfets and some pattern 100 010 001 ... or does this motor type needs analog voltages?



Can't seem to find any data on the internet.  Have you measured the winding resistance, what size is this motor?  Is there
information on the nameplate?
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The motor is quite big: http://www.imagebanana.com/view/jy1jpuun/CAM00007.jpg
This are 2 linear vacuum fead throughs, I want to drive.

I was looking on the web but I seam only being able to find 2 or 4 phase drivers.

I don't want to spin the motors continuously but rather control them precisely,like 10 steps left 200 steps right, erc....



Some info here if you understand German


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I don't think this is a stepper motor. The diagram seems to indicate that it is a delta wound 3 phase motor. The diagram agrees with  your description.  There is probably a good reason you couldn't find reference to 3 phase steppers.


yes I understand German.

According to the manufacture it is a stepper and if i rotate the axis by hand i feel discreet steps.

My question is as said if I can drive it with a simple 100 010 001 sequence or if I need some DA conversion and for example 3 phase shifted sin waves.



To satisfy my curiosity I looked further and finally found some delta wound steppers instead of the wye configuration.  NONE of the spec sheets said much about how to drive them.  There were references to control chips so you might search that term and see if you can find what you need.


Given the full info on the nameplate I found this manual too: ftp://ftp.sdt.se/Documentation/BergerLahr/Manuals/3-PhaseSteppers/PI%2BVRDM368.pdf
but it might be the same one.

Yes, there is no huge distinction between a 3-phase brushless motor and a 3-phase stepper motor and a 3-phase permanent
magnet AC motor - steppers conventionally have a lot more effective poles via the toothed-pole profile trick, but they will
all respond to a 3-phase drive signal by turning.

These motors definitely fall in the stepper category with the step angles quoted.
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According to the manufacture I need sin waves, not just 1/0 pulses to drive this motors.
Thats not cool.

I will need to use the PWM outputs of the arduino and generate 3 approximated sine signals with a selected phase shift.

Is there any code available to help me do that, without doing everything from scratch?


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