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Hi everyone, I recently discoverd the arduino world and I must say I am very enthousiastic about it !
I would like to build, as a first project, a solution to activate heating in my secondary house, remotely and over the internet.
I must add this house is brand new, and came with its own heating/cooling system, a little box with a button i need to switch on different position is used to control the heating mode.
The fact is that between winter sleep and normal mode, there is only one knob turn I need to do, and I would like to be able to make it remotely, over the internet( this house has an internet connection).
As a first step, I would like to be able to switch the button between the two positions, and be able to know on which position is the system.
Do you think it is feasable ?
What kind of installation should I use: a motor operating the button/an electronic system directly plugged into the thermostat ?

Thank you !


Depending on the knob, you might rotate it with a servo.
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there is only one knob turn I need to do

Well if you dig deep how the knobs work is by connecting a voltage to the other static part , a knob moves and under the knob there are conductive plating that joins signals so another way could be using a FET or transistor(triac perhaps if voltage is AC which is very unlikely though) depending upon the nature of the voltage and can activate that FET or transistor using Arduino providing the circuit connection and doing the same what knob does.

You have to measure first what voltage comes on the knob and what is there on the connecting fixed part on the enclosure inside.

Caution: though it may not be a good beginner IDEA as it involves high voltages but depends upon the controller.
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Typical for a furnace/AC system is four wires; one wire provides power (24VAC) and the three other wires are to activate the furnace, the air conditioner, and the fan. So, for example, when you connect the 24VAC signal to the furnace wire then the furnace turns on.

If you want to switch the furnace off and on (completely) then you just need a single relay to disconnect/reconnect the connection that calls for heat. If you want to be able to switch between two temperatures then you'll either need to manipulate the existing thermostat or re-implement a thermostat. That wouldn't be a complex problem but given the risks involved certainly not something for a novice.

Best thing to do would be purchase a thermostat that is addressable over the internet. There are plenty of such products out there.


There are plenty of such products out there.

NEST being one of the best
"Real Men can Accomplish  Anything"

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