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I am very interested in making an Arduino based UAV. I have seen many open sources for this but I am interested in your guy's thoughts.
I want my UAV to include:
1. Autopilot (stays in distance of controller) and user control
2. GPS tracking ( for returning to landing site and stay in distance restrictions )
3. small night vision camera (Is there any small, high quality ones available that would work up to say, 50ft while maintaining accuracy and being cost effective. I have seen ones for like $ 2000 but that is not happening ) - I want the camera to be able to display real time to my computer as the UAV is flying and recording.
4. Storage space for camera imaging and GPS co-ordinates.
5. Auto-stabilizing
6. As compact as possible

I have seen many kits but none that integrate all these things. Is it possible? I am mostly skeptical about the night vision cam. Any comments on this project before i begin?  
(I want the camera to be as small/light as possible while retaining accuracy + able to *display in real time to my computer screen mid-flight)


OpenPilot.org for starters.

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