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I'm Irish - we're better at English :)

My "Concise Oxford English Dictionary" gives the "z" version first !

Usually it's just to keep american spellcheckers quiet.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Usually it's just to keep american spellcheckers quiet.
No, it's because the 'z' form is Oxford spelling.
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I know it's off-topic, but which dictionary prefers the "s" version?

(So I can complain to my english teacher friend who gave me the dictionary) :)

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Going back to the original topic, how was my link not useful?  Because *you* couldn't find what *you* were looking for?  Or because *you* don't know how to sort out and find what *you* need?  You prove to me that the majority of users of this forum would need to read the datasheets to understand how an Arduino works.  You show me that writing any code for the Arduino would require one to read the datasheets first.  Go ahead, give me a reason.

The only time I have ever needed to read the datasheet was when I started creating my own custom boards and needed to figure out the pin layout on an TQFP package and later on, setting the BOD.  It's been several years now and I have yet to find a reason to get down into the nitty gritty of the AVR to be needing the datasheet.

Do you also have a datasheet on your car?  A detailed explanation of every components, both mechanical, electrical, and the programming for the various computers?  I highly doubt that.  You accept that by turning the key in the ignition, the car should start and you're able to drive.  That is the same for the majority of users on the forum when it comes to using an Arduino.  Note, I am strictly referring to Arduino here (which is what these forums are for), NOT an AVR.  Like AWOL said, if you are interested in the AVR, then feel free to head on over to AVRFreaks and set up camp.


I often supply a link to a datasheet when answering a question or problem solution to a poster, but that is because the question itself gives a useful context for using the datasheet and why such datasheets are useful.

Just posting datasheets prodomentally on the site would only be useful for lazy people that already understand what a datasheet is and when they need access to them. A beginner needs to be shown the value of a datasheet in context to an existing question or problem they are having for it to be a 'learning moment' in their life.

So the OP's original request is not useless but doesn't support the help he implies it will provide. Finding a datasheet one needs is usually trivial, knowing one needs to or how to use one is not.


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