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Still in Beta with over 1000 downloads on the Google Play Store and over 1000 downloads on Amazon.com BTInterface is an app for Android that allows you to control your Arduino over Bluetooth.

Please see my website www.BTInterface.com

Any help with coding issues in the Arduino section of my forum is most welcome

Product Features

  • Developers Wirelessly control your PC or device over Bluetooth for Tablets and Phones

  • For devices with Phone Functions Easily send SMS texts and receive them too! Act on commands inside a received SMS!

  • Configure the controls on the fly with easy commands making it Tremendous fun to use and program

  • Use it as the hard drive and real time clock etc. for your micro controller projects!

  • The super easy commands include 'say' enabling your PC or device to speak! 'sms 012345678 this is a text message'

  • 'sfx1 - 16' for sound effects, 'hide' to move BTInterface to the background but its still working! and 'screen1' to bring it back.

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