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An experiment in filmmaking, "The Kronos Begins" is a fictitious sci-fi adventure based around a real New Year's Eve club night at Liverpool's (and arguably the UK's) finest club The Kazimier. Audience members were asked to come dressed as extras for one of four scenes, which were played out on the night. Footage from these scenes were then intercut with footage shot after the event which were then combined with detailed model and FX work and a full score and sound design to make up the final 22-minute short film.


Below is a short video of the Kronos built for The Kronos Begins event held at The Kazimier, Liverpool. The sculpture uses 1200 individually addressable 5050CMD RGB led pixels, controlled using a Joshua1 systems interface and sequenced using Chamsys MagicQ software. The mechanical robotics of the Kronos are sequenced using a custom built Processing application and Arduino  over OSC


Github repository can be found here: https://github.com/gjhilton/KronosMotionControl


Nice use of Arduino!  Couldn't make it thru the story...


thanks - yeah the arduino was pretty essential, although i did sweat over it given that we were using it for new years eve and you just cannot mess it up! the story is pretty long, it made even less sense on the night! but once we shot all the additional scenes it started to tie together better..

there are some more photos from the event here:


Coding Badly

...the final 22-minute short film...

Seems to be corrupt.  Player indicates 21:51 but stops at 14:05.  ...never mind.  Stupid buggy Flash.  I hate Adobe.


...the final 22-minute short film...

Seems to be corrupt.  Player indicates 21:51 but stops at 14:05.  ...never mind.  Stupid buggy Flash.  I hate Adobe.

You probably just need the Update Du Jour. Or maybe that's what caused it ]:D

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