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Keven Belanger

What will be the best way to send data from an arduino to another arduino located between 500 and 1000 ft. away?




Series 1 and Series 2.5 High Power Xbee's have a mile range, which would be good for you. They go for about $40 bucks a piece.


Range claims need to be taken with a gain of salt. Many such specs are based on best case line of sight with no interfering signals. Going through walls, thick vegetation, etc will shorten range. How much? I haven't a clue.

 But If I needed to span 500ft I would want something rated from say 2000ft on up, but that's me. I have past ham radio experience.  ;D



The newer XBee ZB Pro is 3.2 km (~ 2 mile) for LOS. You would need to use higher gain antenna though. If your region allows the use of 900 MHz and 868 MHz band radios, go for that instead. :)


'Best' is a pretty meaningless term.
Best in terms of what?
Speed of transmission?
Battery life?

I'd probably recommend cellular, but a simple laser bounced off low cloud could be the right answer.
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