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Well, it's really ┬ÁP.

Ran Talbott

although the Arduino IDE itself is painful to use in my opinion

kwrite (or Notepad2 if you're using Windoze) has good syntax highlighting for C and C++.

I only use the IDE as a sort-of "GUI make" and serial terminal.  Just load the source and go.


Hi Chaps

I have an Ubuntu OS (Linux). I have been Windows free for 2 years......good grief I sound like a client at a 'Windows Users Anonymous' meeting  ;D

I have been reading sketch's, tutorials and watching youtube video's of everything Arduino. My mind is set to explode out of both ears I think. I get the drift but I fancy there is some subtlety in good coding which I hope will make more sense when I have my module and start trying the various tutorials.

It should be a laugh.....depending on your point of view.




there is some subtlety in good coding

Good coding is an art form, your code should be as elegant as possible.


I can do elegant.......It's the coding that's going to be iffy  :-/

My Module arrived today! It is in fact a clone, but no matter, it works!

The board is marked -


The make up of the board includes the 'auto' voltage/power input. Overall I am very pleased and my only niggle is that the crystal isn't sat flat to the PCB which is a non issue really.

As soon as I plugged the USB cable in the 'Blinky' sketch started running. So I placed an LED in Pin 13/GND and that completes my first lesson  ;D

I'll just scratch my head and wonder what to do next I think.....Over a lovely cup of Yorkshire tea!



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