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My coding is an art-form, a fusion of Jackson Pollock and Tracey Emin.
"Pete, it's a fool looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart." Ulysses Everett McGill.
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Mine will be a mix of Copy/Paste mixed with a generous side order of desperation!

I have a pair of tri colour LED's flashing from red to blue in antiphase just copy/pasting code and adjusting pin numbers. A minuscule step but it works.

I think I need to go to Maplins and grap some 'proper' breadboard wires and a dedicated breadboard.




I think I can safely say that you're not the only one floundering at the deep end.  This forum is a definite lifebelt, but no one put any instructions on it!

I think my own problem is that I have a distinct purpose I want to use the Arduino for, and most of the newby-orientated info I have come across so far assumes that you already have a degree in C!! - which I don't.  I haven't found anyone else's code that does anything near to my requirements - otherwise I would have plagurised the heck out of it already!!!

With my learning speed, I don't have enough of my allotted span left to start from scratch.  I just wish I had a compiler that could take BASIC instructions and convert them to C.  I might stand a chance then!  Yes, I had a ZX81 as well  :-[

There are some good deals on breadboards and patch leads on eBay I've noticed, if you want a low budget approach btw.


One tip I'm going to follow is to 'flow diagram' what I want to do with a given circuit. It wont make the programming any easier but at least it can be broken down into 'chunks' that may be easier to get my head round.

I've looked at a lot of sketches and how-to guides and there seems to be the long hand method of coding and, when your really smart, the short hand method which uses array's and values to minimize the amount actual code needed to do the job.

I've just looked at Maplins for jumper wires...........£4 sterling for 10 pcs  of one length. ............ Ebay  70 pcs in 4 lengths £4. I know where my money will be going  ;D

I to have one specific project in mind. Actually I have already drawn it up and simulated it with out using a processor. The Arduino, once I get my head around the coding, will at the same time make the design simpler but allow a greater complexity to the control without having to add extra components here and there.

What have I let myself in for?




I worked through this book and thought it was a very good basic intro course: http://www.amazon.com/Getting-Started-Arduino-Make-Projects/dp/0596155514

It gives a couple of examples and walks you through understanding the code involved... note that all code involved is in the basics code available in the IDE

The final project they give is kind of to completely blow the poor newbie's mind, going from making a light blink when you push a button to pulling information from a website and making a tri-color LED glow a certain color based on the number of times particular words appear

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