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I recently bought an arduino Uno board, and I am using Maxuino and firmata to read the analog inputs with Max/MSP.
So far, I am only using the maxuino.help patch, and it is behaving quite randomly. By that I mean it works sometimes: I get the correct analog values in Max. But when I stop Max, unplug the board, restart Max, I suddenly do no get anything, no matter if I update the ports, etc. My board is on COM3, but sometimes this simply disappears from the list of available ports. Sometimes it shows up but still no data. It usually takes me a great deal of computer restarting and fumbling with the patches before I can read data again.
I know this is a rather clumsy description of the problem (I could not find a regular sequence of things to reproduce the error or the fix), but I wonder if someone would not have an idea of what is going on.

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