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I want to create a CNC plasma. 

I am looking at running GRBL on an Uno and had original thought to run the GRBL shield but am concerned that it cannot run larger stepper motors.   So I started to look at commercial stepping controllers.



Could I run 3x CW230's in place of the GRBLShield? 

would RESET-, CW-, CP- ground on the arduino,
CW+ hookup to Directon axis pin
CP+  hookup to the Step axis pin



There shouldn't be difficulty driving an opto-islated stepper controller - I presume the GRBL shield already
has step and direction pins for each axis?

However do check the interfacing requirements - so long as the controller does need more than 25mA
or so per signal no further interface hard needed (most opto isolators are 20mA or so)
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