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Hi All,

I would like to trigger a small floodlight (120V, 1A) using the Maxuino. I have a pretty standard relay system setup (Sainsmart 4-channel) with optically isolated switching voltage, and this works well in Max/MSP via Maxuino/Firmata with anything low wattage (ie. Christmas lights). However, when I use this system to trigger my floodlight, serial communication hangs after ~15 switches regardless of switching speed. This error also occurs within the Firmata tester, so it is not constrained to Maxuino. The error does not occur if I write a simple blinking program for the arduino to flash the bulb. Any thoughts on the issue I am facing are much appreciated.



here the same to me...
I found various threads with this same trouble...



Ahh, thank you very much for pointing those out. I think this is exactly what I'm facing.

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