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I have been relentlessly looking for a best arduino wireless shield. But, the choices are so much varying in price that it is very confusing on what to get. So, far i got WiShield 2.0 Amazon.com/$55, Wishield 3.0 /$62,Wireless Shield arduino.cc / €14.90 and Wireless Shield SD arduino.cc /€19.90. I almost bought from the (link to company selling counterfeit boards removed). But, I figured that it was a Chinese website,so I started to have second thoughts on it. I am thinking of a Networking project on arduino an I don't need the hardcore performance from the shield. Any suggestions on what to get?

Coding Badly

Describe your project and we'll offer suggestions.


Some Sensor that triggers some event. Now, report that event by taking some picture or just a message to my cellphone or to my social media. I am still just prototyping. So it's just a vague project I guess.


You might consider the below wifi shield. I don't have one, but others seem to have made successful projects using it. Seeed has a forum that might provide support if needed. The pdf user's manual is in a link at the below site also.

Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
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Thank you much sir for the fast response

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