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I have Mega and Nano boards. While on Win7 I can use both and everything works fine, on all my various WinXP only Mega works fine. Nano always comes up with installation issue: "USB2.0-Serial" does not have proper drivers - question mark in Device manager. I have tried MANY drivers (from original Adruino package, from FTDI page, many older versions, searched Google for hours and trying a lot), no success at all.

This is perhaps WinXP (tried on more versions, both Pack2 and Pack3) issue with installing virtual COM port for Nano (while Mega works perfectly). Please advice me what and how to install on WinXP to be able to use Nano as well.



1- The structure of the translated English page.

2- Locate your version of Windows, download and install,

It will create a virtual port,

Set that port and start using the arduino program...


I have XP sp3. My Nano 3.0 will not communicate since upgrading my IDE to 1.6.3.  Tried everything in the troubleshooting section.


I downloaded a driver from http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm and it worked.


Since this thread is still one of the top Google hits for this problem, I figure I would add this:
I had the same problem trying to install the driver for an Arduino Nano on Windows XP. I tried pretty much everything, but only this worked:


Probably, you have  Chinese Nano with CH340 USB/serial converter, according the link you've posted.
Previous discussion is about FTDI FT232RL chip as genuine Nano has. It is different and same about driver. It has nothing with the XP directly.
Arduino clone with ATmega1284P   http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=277260.0



ARDUINO IS UNSTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok now you can throw rocks at me...thousands of users with the same problems.

I use 3 computers:



3.Win10...no need to say but 64 bit

I started to upgrade from ARDUINO 1.8.2 to 1.8.5

The last week I spend hours on each pc to get the downloading to work AGAIN.

The COM PORT shows in TOOLS and is ticked but i get the STK500 SYNC ERROR after the upgrade.

Then I start following the list of possible fixes .. uninstall driver...re install..re boot pc...swap cable..swap

arduino..uinstall arduino ...uninstall driver..install driver first ...now install arduino..re boot pc...repeat the list

start re doing all above in a changed order.

Then all for no apparent reason the usb port works and download the HEX file, now do all above on pc2 and

pc3 over and over and over...... until it works.

Once i get it to work AGAIN I love it...but



ARDUINO IS UNSTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sounds more like operator error to me.

Windows 10 64-bit  laptop #1
Windows 7 64-bit    pc #2
Linux Mint 18 64-bit   pc #3

all work



There was a boards.txt change and you may be the victim of that. Try Nano (old bootloader) when selecting the board (if that option is available).
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