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Well I ordered the LED and Driver for one test.  I will get that going and then try to add functionality.

Coding Badly

If no presence detected in all areas all lights off

You're happily working at your table saw.  Unfortunately the nearby motion sensor has been covered in saw dust.  The system does not detect any motion and turns off the lights.  Plop.  Your severed hand falls to the floor.

In a shop, a human brain needs to be responsible for turning off the lights.


Good point so table saws in the shop LOL

I see your point, what I do creates a ton of dust not sawdust but concrete dust the kind that destroys everything and gets everywhere. 

I was also thinking of some sort of RFID access and sensors...  BUT all that does add to the cost and complexity and in the end I may just have switches.  I still would like to be able to individually dim and control each light as opposed to all on one switch. 

The other reason I liked the presence sensing options is that I do not need to coat the switches with concrete each time I try to control something. 


That makes sense.
Whatever it will turn out to be, you can control the lights from one central location.
If you make the lights with light sensors (I would choose ldr) and motion detectors, you can make the central unit as complex or as simple as you would like.

You could add a current clamp over the mains wire, to see if any electrical machine is on.
Adding a remote control would be nice.
And sending a detection alert to a sms or website, as a burglar alert.


I guess I need to get a board and start playing.  Given the possible scenarios can you suggest which model to use?  Other thoughts on the CatKit?

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