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This is my latest design roughly based on an Uno...Well at least as far as the Atmega328P. It iuses a FT231X for USB. I have added an ADS1114 16bit A/D Converter to A0 which is selectable via jumper so you can bypass it if needed. A1 and A2 are available. D2 - D6 have a Schmitt Trigger debounce circuit added for button inputs or in my case the keypad. D7 - D12 are available. The USB input is via Mini-B which can power the board and there is a 3.5mm Stereo socket which connects to A0/16 Bit A/D input or you can solder directly to the header..
The regulator is a beefy LM2940 and the board can be set for 5v or 3.3v use by a jumper and changing the regulator and crystal, both through hole.
The LCD mounts directly to the back of the board so no wiring needed (Newhaven NHD-C0216CiZ-FSW-FBW-3V3) COG 16 x 2 Character .
Both the LCD and the A/D are I2C leaving most inputs free.
The power switch is a slide switch and no other wiring except for the DC input.
For a single analog sensor USB application, the board can actually be sliced at the line which leaves a totally functioning USB powered board.

Although this board is for a specific application, I may have a few extras if someone has a short run project that can use it. I also have some of the keypads available if your project can use them. Its not the cheapest game in town but solves a lot of design time and wiring.

Contact me if interested.

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