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     I am sure this is a simple one. I am trying to compile a sketch for the Arduino Pro Mini 5V, 16 MHZ using the Arduino IDE V1.0.1. The Pro Mini uses the ATmegs328.
At compile time I get the following error "...\TimerThree.cpp:19: warning: 'TIMER3_OVF_vect' appears to be a misspelled signal handler".
    If I change the device to the Arduino Megs 2560, it compiles correctly.
    The code for TimerOne & TimerThree libraries was originally built for the ATmega 168 & 328 so I am unsure why it wont compile.
    The TimerOne code compiles and runs correctly for the 328, it is only TimerThree that has issues.
    I tried downloading the latest version of the Library TimerThree just in case, but it made no difference.
Thanks inadvance



Thanks lloyddean, I was really hoping that was not going to be the answer.

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