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Hi everyone, please help me
i am confuse for my final exam...

what is the code for the 'submit button' ?
if we click the submit, visual basic 6 will send the data (combo box + message box) to arduino uno...

and what is the code for the arduino uno to receive the data ?

pleasee, i beg your help, this is for my final exam


this is for my final exam

In what, Cheating 101?

If this is any kind of programming class, and you hadn't slept all quarter, and had done any of the homework, you'd know how to get data from the text fields. You'd know how to convert, if necessary, those numbers to text. You'd know how to concatenate strings to form the message to send. You'd know to generate an event to deal with the button press.

You'd be expected to know that the only way that the PC can talk to the Arduino is via the serial port, so, you'd be expected to have been awake in class long enough to have learned how to access the help system, where you could search for "serial". I'm sure that there is enough information there (having read it) for a well-rested person to figure out how to open a serial port, how to write data to it, and how to read data from it.

and what is the code for the arduino uno to receive the data ?

Since you've been sleeping, and I'm feeling generous (hey, don't laugh!), I'll help you out with the first part of the code:
Code: [Select]
// global variables go here

void setup()
  // do some one-time stuff here

void loop()
  // stuff that happens over and over again, like reading serial data, goes here
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