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If Excel classes as programming, I guess I needn't feel inferior using BASH.....   :)


That excuse is very VERY lame. It just means, in my opinion, that the teachers are lazy ***s. The cheapest language they could switch to... php. Full very detailed documentation, any basic text editor will do (you don't even need an expensive office suite). How about C# or C++, the microsoft visual C++ / C# suite has a free to use (I do believe only for non-commercial use, such as eduction) version called the express edition. How about java, there are two fine high-end IDE's for it (netbeans and eclipse) with full documentation online. If the microsoft thing has a reason not to use, java has similiarly powerful IDE's.. Than there is python, also no costs associated with it.. excellent documentation online, also just needs a text editor...

I see absolutely no excuse why they'd use VBA as opposed to the above mentioned languages. Funny part is, I know there are many more languages that fit into this pattern, though I simply have never been exposed to them. In fact, I can't come up with a programming language that inherently has costs associated with it.

So in short, there has to be something else up with those teachers, because the argument provided holds no ground.


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The course doesn't have a textbook, that's why I have to google everything.

What... the... fuck... I'd drop the course, and get the hell out of that college... are they even accredited? If not, to steal a phrase from a friend, their courses are as good as Chuckie Cheese tokens, only good there.

Imahilus, I'm sure that you could probably change to any language in the world for free, find a free IDE/use a text editor, the only big deal would be documentation

Except for proprietary stuff, that is


Yeah, they actually have the number two college of engineering in the US of A and the number one Industrial Engineering program at a public school.  Normally they're pretty spot on with their classes, but I really think they dropped the ball on this one, and I'm not sure why, but I'm trying to figure it out and maybe get it changed.


Hmm, I'd say that sounds like GA Tech, but they have really good programming courses, and you're in Cali, what school is this?

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