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I found diod to be attached to relay or any coil where back emf is to be protected from going to circuit and for that i found attached circuit everywhere but i think physical connection is like this for attached relay diagram.

See attached one and then let me know that i understood ok or not please.

Does this is like this ? +6V --> Diod ( ---| ) --> Relay Coil A point and Relay Coil B goes to ground or goes to circuit where it is required ?


normally as close to the coil as possible
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them that understands binary
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But connection i understood to be done with breadboard/perf board is right as per my understanding ?


The diagram is right, the diode is parallel with the relay winding.  Make sure the positive supply goes to the cathode
of the diode, and the switching transistor connects the other side to ground.  The diode only conducts briefly when the
switching device switches off.
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i mean wiring i attached is like and same ?


no, the first picture was right
the diode is connected to BOTH pins of the coil
it's "backwards" so it doesn't conduct while the coil is energised
when the signal goes away the back emf (which is the other way round) flows through the diode and doesn't kill the rest of the circuit
there are only 10 types of people
them that understands binary
and them that doesn't

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