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today i received my due (clone) and i was wondering why the sketches don't start automatically after programming it through the programming port. I always have to press the reset button manually to get the sketches running. Among this, when my sketches are using the serial connection through the programming port, the ide doesn't find the serial-port any more and i have to unplug the due and plug it in again, to program it again. Don't get my wrong: Programming is working correctly, serial communication too. But the resets for the sam aren't triggered, when they should be.

I read in this forum, that i am not the only one with this problem. Has anybody already solved it?

I guess that the mega16U2 doesn't handle the reset-pin correctly. Has anybody updated the mega to improve the situation? My win7-computer isn't willing to work with my avrisp mk2, so i couldn't test this yet.


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