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Well, I've spoken to CTE about the power issue AND the missing labels from the Schematic which are now history!  Version 1.04 of the shield will now include a 5v input switched by the current input so therefore it will be software compatible BUT will not draw too much power from the Due.  It really does look like they are wanting to get everything right for their customers.


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have you find the correct string for the touch?
i have the same tft display with font-ic and same cte shied but with MEGA and the touch not work, the coordinates are 800 or similar in all position.
i have the sd inserted in the slot on tft, i don't have tried without sd.
but the touch not work, the tft and the sd work perfectly.
i use the utouch not modified, if i must use the modification of this i don't know what is the modification.



Hello all,

Just looked this topic and saw something about the jumpers for LEDA+.
I'm using CTE 70 and DUE and i'm trying to use the PWM to control de LCD LED.

In the shield, this is marked:
JP5 - PWM (9)

Which made think that pin 9 would be the PWM control for the LED, but the PIN 9 isn't even connected to the shield.  :0
Took the datasheet and saw PIN7 as PWM, tried to open the JP4 and soldered JP5.
analogWrite(7, 255);
Just for fun tried with all PWM pins from 0 to 7.
The LCD LED doesn't light up.

Can anybody help me ?

Thank you


If I read the schematic right, jumper 3, 4 and 5 Are all connected to the same pin on the display.
JP3 Is connected to 5V.
JP4 Is connected to 3.3V. " Default ".
JP5 is connected to the PWM. " CN4, Pen7 ".

Only one jumper can be used at a time. All other jumpers must be disconnected.

Note: 3.3 V should turn on the LCD backlight. If it does not come on you may have something wrong with your display/Adapter board.

Hope this helps.



Hi promacjoe,

Thank you for your reply.
I read the schematic exactly as you described.
If JP4 is set, I have the LED on at 100%, full 3.3V.

So I've desoldered JP4 and soldered JP5 to use PWM.
In my test code I just used analogWrite(7, 100); on setup section and it doesn't turn the LED on.

Am I doing something wrong ?

Thank you,



Unfortunately I have not used the PWM function for that display. My best suggestion is to make sure your software/hardware is functioning correctly. Connected either to an oscilloscope to see what your output is or connect a small LED with a current drop resister and see if you can very the output.
If you set the PWM for 100%,  the display backlight should come on. That is if your circuit is functioning properly. My only other thought is that the due does not put out enough current to adequately drive that circuit. It may need some kind of buffer, such as a logic level converter to drive it properly.

I hope this helps.


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