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Horah!  It's nice to see people discussing this idea.  I didn't think it would be hard to do, I just don't have the time until the new year at least, and figured some people would like something like this.


Using the interrupt to read fan RPM:

I was thinking about controlling the fan speed with a electronic speed controller for RC airplanes.



It seems, you might be able to live with something much simpler, like the Microchip TC642 and it's friends (TC646, tc647, TC648, and TC649, as well as the B version of them). (I'm sure maxim and others make a similar dodad.)
The reference design in the datasheet is plainly simple but you'd need another way to monitor the fan speed. You should have no problem simply connecting the tach line from each fan to a motherboard fan connector and using the motherboards own hardware to read the fan speed.
iDuino - MaxSerial - [url=http://spi

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