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Do you have any plan for working Arduino borad with Max/Jitter in future?

I am just curious. :)


Well arduino already works with MAX/Jitter :)

You just need to use the serial port patch and send a stream of bytes to it.

I had an arduino board read an analogue joystick and send data to a Max/Jitter program as part of an exhibition that was running for 2 Months at the V&A  museum in London.

The MAX code was written by the designer of the piece (Michal Rinott) therefore I don't have a code sample to post

I'll try to find an example to publish



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I see. I guessed it might work with serial ports before getting this reply. :)
Thank you very much. :)
If you find that example, It would be great for me. ;)


Actually, the Malmö group is going to host a workshop in Copenhagen specially for Vj's and musicians who are using MAX or PureData. We expect to produce some nice examples during November. If you do it first ... maybe you would like to pass by and play with us.


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