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Codasign is a creative technology education company specialising in workshops on hardware and software tools used in interactive media and artwork.

This workshop sees the combining of Arduino and Processing. Processing (http://forum.processing.org/search/workshop) is an environment for people who want to create interactive projects involving graphics, images, animations and video. It's an excellent introductory environment for creative people wanting to get into interactive programming.

Workshop Date:
Saturday 27th April, 11am - 5pm

129-131 Mare Street
E8 3RH London
United Kingdom

About the Workshop
This workshop  is the last in a series which has been introducing people to working with Arduino and Processing, on this day bringing them together to communicate. You'll learn how to use serial communication to pass messages between the Processing and Arduino so that the Processing sketch can be controlled by real world sensors and also trigger things like lights and sounds connected to the Arduino.

What will you do and learn?
You will learn what Processing is and get a taste of what it can do. You will be introduced to computer programming and create desktop applications that interactively generate visuals/images. You will also learn the basics of electricity and circuits and what an Arduino can do. You will work with several sensors like knobs and buttons and actuators like LEDs. You will use an Arduino to translate a real-world action like turning a knob into a visual effect in Processing.

What do you need to already know?
For this session, you recommend that you have already done some Arudino programming and Processing prgramming as it is a bit more advanced. If you are a complete beginner though please say and we'll see if we can facilitate you!

What do you need to bring?
Though not necessary, you are welcome to bring your own computer. If you bring your own computer, download and install the Processing and Arduino development environments.

You may also bring your own Arduino, but we will also have them available to use during the workshop.

What will be provided?
You are welcome to bring your own computer or can use one of the iMacs available in the SPACE Media Lab. If you bring your own computer, download and install the Processing and Arduino development environments.
Tea and coffee will be available during the workshop.


For more info please email us at info@codasign.com

Cancellation Policy
Full refund if registration is cancelled over a week before the course start, 50% if within a week of the course start, and no refund if within 24 hours of the course start.

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