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i have arduino due and xbee...when i use example of xbee newsoftserial..or serialsoftware cannot work...
plizzzz give me how to make my arduino due and xbee work well??
i'm really dizzy about it,,pliz how i have to do step by step??pliz

here i attach the example code in arduino themplate i use...


Asking the same question three times on different threads is a really good way to p155 people off, and earn a forum ban.

I've deleted the duplicates - don't repeat.
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"p155", woo, I learned a new acronym today ;-).


Like the Mega, the Due has 4 hardware serial ports. Why are you trying to use a software serial port?

What does your Arduino code look like? What does "cannot work" mean in terms of something other than complaining? What does the code do? What does it not do?
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