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Hi, am starting my first Lilypad Arduino project and need help. I want to connect five accelerometers to a Lilypad USB. Do I sew the + on each accelerometer to the + on the Lilypad and the - to the - on the Lilypad? Wondering how I'll be able to fit enough thread through each + and - tab on the LP for five accelerometers?

Then can I connect each accelerometer's Z tab to one of the LP's?

Please help as I don't know what I'm doing! Thanks.


Yes you can, however rather then doing that, you want to connect all of them, LilyPad and accels, to the leads going to the battery, as opposed to tying the accels to the LilyPad's pads.  You don't have to go through the LilyPad's pads.  You can also have a single thread going from the battery to the LilyPad's '+' and another to the '-' pads, then attach the accels to those threads instead.

As for the Z pads, I assume that all they need it an input pin on the LilyPad so yes, you could simply attach those to whichever pad you wish to use.

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