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I'm not sure where to post this. I will be in Seguin TX (flying to Austin) for a few days and with all the high tech in the Austin area, I'm wondering if there are any cool electronics / hacker / maker stores in the area. Please share your secret sources if you have any.

I tried a web search and didn't find much that looks promising, other than Fry's, Radio Shack, Best Buy etc. Nothing against Fry's & the Shack, but we've got those here. I'm hoping there's a funky old Ham radio store or something like  American Science & Surplus (http://www.sciplus.com/) in the area.

Steve from Illinois


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The cool surplus electronics store closed recently.  Now Fry's is your best bet.

You should get up to Round Rock and visit TechShop (techshop.ws).  It's across the street from Dell.  Depending on what days you are there, I can meet you there for a more personal tour.

The Austin Hackerspace might be interesting to check out, but the 3 times I went it was a complete joke.  Plus I don't think they have a "space" anymore.
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Thanks for the info and offer. I don"t think I'll go up to Round Rock this time. I'll only have a couple of hours in Austin before the flight, but maybe next time.


20 years ago when I lived there Atex by the airport was great, since defunct. You might try http://www.intertexelectronics.com/, haven't been, just heard about in on another forum.
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