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I read similar topics, and sure I like to start a newer one.

My goal is to rec/track ambient but I want to grab a particular slice of sound.
the trigger is the 'soundprint spectrum' and the volume level.

I asked 2 days ago to f.Vanzati (arduino cc) if it can be done without the DSP library. Because actually DSP lib i's still unavailable and the developping is not yet finished by the Arduino lab. He agrees.

basically.. the main project is similar to common handled audio recorded with activation engine: you put the device in rec mode. but only a loud noise activates the audio recording.

My goal is make arduino able to trigger a wav record by a volume and also by a precise kind of sound.
I mean : like a dog.. there's a lot of noise.. but he is able to detect and filter what's different.

Another example: You're are using a gigsaw to prepare youre wood reserve for the winter.. well. you have a typical soundprint of the noise of the gigsaw. You rec it and convert to a small pattern. After.. Arduino has to match that pattern with a precise noise volume. And if both matchs .. it starts to record ambient.

I like your opinion.. is it possible to realize?

ugo (IT)


...Sounds like DSP to me! ;)

I know there's an FFT library, but I've never done any DSP.

What you are trying to do is not that easy.   For example, every time the dog barks you get a slightly different sound at a different volume.   

It can probably be done...  There is voice recognition and speech recognition.  But, I don't know if it can be done on an Arduino.   And there will be "false alarms" (false positives) and "misses" (false negatives).   So, it becomes a matter of trying to minimize the errors,  and balancing  (or biasing) the remaining errors to build a useful system.


Try this: http://coolarduino.wordpress.com/2012/10/18/speech-voice-recognition-remix/


thanks you all

indeed I know it's not easy

my real idea is to wake an alarm when bees leave house. G.translate tell me in english it's called

so before that event bees are so loud that you can hear them at meters of distance!
there's a real volume increasing from a normal family activity of bees and a pre-swarming.
Mi goal is to use arduino (2.. I suppose 1 is too small and poor) to :

-match few bytes of soundstamp (I must generate one before!)
-match a min lev of volume

I'll see your link


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