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Hello all,

I had a concern about the threshold voltage on the digital pins located on an Arduino Mega, 5V operating system.  As what voltage does the processor consider the input to be a "High" position, as well as the voltage for a "Low" position.  Also, is there a dead space located between the two thresholds where the pin would essentially be indeterminate? 

Thank you for your time. 


0 up to 0.2 x Vcc = low. (0.5V with 5V VCC)
Vcc down to 0.7 x Vcc = high (3.5V and above for 5V VCC)

See section 29 of the data sheet, electrical characteristics.  I don't have it handy, these might be a touch off.
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Have a look on the datasheet of the ATMEGA2560
Chapter 32 Typical charactéristic
page 400 fig 32.-26, 32-27 and 32-28

You can also found avantage to reed:
Chapter 31 Electrical charactéristic


Thank you very much for the guidance!  It's greatly appreciated.

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