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Nick Gammon

I got this spam email in French. I suppose that was always on the cards, after all I get a few in Chinese, and other languages I don't understand.

It appears that this woman needs financial help in getting herself, and her son, out of some place.

I couldn't even fully understand it, after using Google translate, until I added some spaces after the periods that normally end a sentence.

The (translated) message ends:

... if you are a good muslim and I find confidence in you, we will proceed.

I think not.


You should request a non-refundable $50 donation for handling the transaction.
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I get spam in Chinese all the time.. 

Wizdum, that is a brilliant email reply!


You should take advantage of it, like these guys often do: http://www.419eater.com/html/419faq.htm
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Thought I would take a quick look at the adventures of Wendy and Willis.

Seems she is the real business woman of today;
Quote from her email exchange from AWOL's link

Also, are there any other expenses I need to cover besides the airfare and accomodations? I could probably set up a trip to Amsterdam if need to. My company, Swollennutz has a business park development in Amsterdam called "The Clap". Perhaps you have heard of it?

I'm still laughing myself silly  :D

Nick Gammon

She is suffering from Cancer of the lever.

I've heard this is very serious indeed. If your lever goes, well you are cactus.

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