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Hi all,
I am a student and would like to ask about the initial setup of MRF24WG0MA wifi module with Arduino UNO board.
My Arduino was successfully loaded with an example, WebServer from WiShield library which is downloaded online.
Mode: Infrastructure and Adhoc (Tested with no success)
IP of MRF24:
The pins connections are:
(UNO)   >>  (MRF24)
3.3v   >>  3.3v
GND   >> GND
Pin8   >> INT
Pin10 >> CS
Pin11 >> SDI
Pin12 >> SDO
Pin13 >> SCK
> Hibernate pin of MRF24 is connected to 3.3V and GND
> connect Pin5 to an LED and grounded(to be tested using the WebServer code)
Now, my problems appear are as below:
For Infrastructure mode, wireless AP is setup and connected by laptop,
but browser can't access to the webpage when the MRF24's IP ( as mentioned above) is entered.
For AdHoc mode, the SSID of MRF24 did not appear on my laptop's network connection.
May I know what is the problem?
Please do correct me :)
Thanks in advanced :)

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