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Is it possible to use core librairies from Wiring :
LCD Display, servo motor, serial ?

And why 2 IDE for wiring and Arduino.
Why don't you join the wiring group to have a common IDE (only one download), common core librairies... to share time and team ?

Is it stupid or "politically incorrect" ?:-/




This is a good question,

Wiring and Arduino were born at the same place but with different philosophies from the start. We are looking into this particular issue, but there are lots of things that have to be discussed before. This is as politically correct as one can be with this issue, but we are honestly interested in making things as easy as possible to everyone.

However, Arduino doesn't have the same libraries as Wiring for three reasons:

1) Arduino's project is only 6 months old, we are working as quick as we can ;-)

2) Wiring works with an ATMEGA128 and can handle bigger programs, we have to optimize our libraries a bit more

3) Arduino's IDE has been designer to be multi-platform. Yes!, our IDE can program other chips than the ATMEGA8, but this is experimental yet, and therefore we have to be careful with how we place new libraries, since they have to be compatible to the different architectures in the game

Finally, about the three particular questions you ask: I guess you know we offer examples on how to control all of those, or? I can anticipate that, before Xmass, we are going to have a much more final LCD set of functions, an extended set of examples for motors, and a serial I/O at any of the pins on the board.


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