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I want to purchase this LCD https://www.sparkfun.com/products/710, but it needs to be VERY readable in bright sunlight.  I will use big letters on the display, so, I should be able to get good contrast.

So :), can somebody do me a huge favour and take your display outside in bright sunlight, I mean desert sunlight! and take a few pictures at different viewing angles.

Thanks in advance.


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I recommend this I2C OLED module which I used in my car to display some engine data.
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Thanks for the suggestions.  I do not think the OLED display will work in hard desert conditions.  I will look into the reflective Graphic LCD, that was my next option anyway.  I will post my results as soon as I have sampled a few components.



From what I have read so far, is that I need a transflective monochrome display.  I need the display to be viewable at night as well.  I have found this :


A graphics LCD would be nice, but the above would just have to do.

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