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When using this script to blink an LED on pin12, the script will not get past line27 where pin12 is set high. There is no error message.
How do I structure this script so that Firmata works on each loop? I am interested to learn why the script doesn't work at all but the LED example script will.

Code: [Select]

    import json
   import urllib
   from firmata import *
   from pprint import pprint
   import time
   import serial

   countTweet = 0
   a = Arduino('COM13') #Insert this before the while loop = it never actually works

   while True:
           response = urllib.urlopen('http://search.twitter.com/search.json?q=%23happy&result_type=recent&rpp=1&filter:retweets').read()
       except IOError:
           pprint('no internet connection')
       j = json.loads(response)
       if j['results']:
           text = j['results'][0]['text']
           tID = j['results'][0]['id']
           pprint('bad JSON')
       if countTweet != 0 and lastID != tID:
           pprint('new ID')
           a.pin_mode(12, firmata.OUTPUT)  #Gets stuck here
           a.digital_write(12, firmata.HIGH)
           a.digital_write(12, firmata.LOW)
           pprint('done firmata')
           lastID = tID
           pprint (text)
           pprint ('1')
           pprint("FLC") #First loop complete: To gather the existing tweet before we start
           lastID = tID
           countTweet += 1

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