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Hi I'm new in this and I have basic stamps and a Triple Axis Accelerometer - MMA7361.

I need the code or routine to use the MMA7361 with basic stamp.

The Arduino code is:


It would be great if someone could help. Thanks.


If you have a Arduino Uno, connect Arduino GND to GND. Arduino 3.3V to Vdd and the analog outputs of the sensors to analog inputs of the Arduino.

Have you tried a few examples ? They are included in the Arduino software program (the "Arduino IDE").
Can you read an analog pin and write it to the serial monitor ?


  Sorry but I don't have Arduino Uno, I need the code for BS2.

I was wondering if someone could help me or if anyone had the code and could share it with me please.



Hi AlexGR!

As far I can see, the BS2 is a stripped down copy of the Arduino Uno.
You should, however, not have any problems using this instead of the Aruino Uno on this build
You may have to download and install the Arduino developement package : http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software
You might also want to find and print out a picture of an origonal Arduino Uno. Just to see what the pins are called on the Arduino ...

On the webpage you supplied, there is a picture and a "pin to pin configuration" table of how they want you to connect it to your Arduino.
When you are done plugging it up, there will be 9 cables connected to the MMA7361 board. There will also be a cable from 5volt to the AREF on the Arduino board.

The webpage gives you an example code. It looks like plain sailing.
Just copy and paste it into your Arduino IDE.

PS: the example has an Include line at the top.
This is not a file I'm familiar with. Does the Accelerometer come with a CD or someting?
... Make sure to copy this file to your work folder of this build before you compile it.

If you get no errors while compiling, then you are good to go :-)


That is a PIC chip.
Does it have analog inputs ? You only need 3.3V and three analog inputs.
Perhaps you should ask your question on another forum.

Can you replace it with an Arduino ?

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