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I have a new logo design for the non-profit organization Solar Energy International http://www.solarenergy.org/. I am not affiliated or related; it was a school assignment. What do you think? Is it worth selling (LOL)? Don't plagiarize me (I made it in Blender).

Qualities (my opinion):

   Solar Energy International is an educational and empowering organization. In order to create a healthy and sustainable environment on Earth for future generations, SEI strives to educate as many people as possible about environmentally friendly energy sources and technology. As more people are educated about this topic, renewable energy use will be more widespread. This energy is very sustainable, which will make the Earth a more clean and healthy place for people and the environment.

    SEI is also an innovative organization. Instead of actually building renewable energy plants, SEI takes a more systemic approach for widespread renewable energy use and sustainable practices. By educating people around the world, more and more people can use sustainable energy and technology in more places. This is an innovative way to encourage worldwide renewable energy use.

   SEI is a peaceful and humble organization. They use a very practical and effective approach to reaching their goals, and don't have to be particularly vocal, bold, or rambunctious. This is unlike some other organizations, which use violence to deal with problems.

   SEI is a collaborative organization because they work with grassroots and development organizations which share the same vision in order to spread their impact on the world. SEI is also collaborative because they get a lot of people from all walks of life to get involved in using renewable energy.

Image / Symbol: The light bulb represents SEI's innovation. The light bulb was an extremely important innovation in the history of technology, so it is a good symbol of innovation. It can also be a symbol of education because it is knowledge is needed for innovation. The ring of people is representative of SEI's collaboration with other organizations. It also represents the people who SEI educates about renewable energy (representing SEI's educational value).

Colour: Since the bottom of the background is dark, and the top is lighter where the Earth is, it looks like the Earth is being raised out of darkness. The soft glow indicates positivity and hope, which represents SEI's goal of creating a better world through education and renewable energy. The colours of the people are the primary colors of light. This is saying that the people of Earth are the basic building blocks to a better world full of renewable energy and sustainable technology.
Font: This simplicity and regularity of the font symbolizes SEI's simple, but effective method of education, and the unique letters symbolize the innovation in SEI's techniques that separate it from other organizations.

Shading: The people are bright colors because they have the power (education) to make the environment better for everyone. The Earth is "glowing" because it is being "raised out of darkness" by all the educated people working together to make the world a better place.


Seems like there ought to be some sun or sunshine involved, being solar energy related.
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Papa G

I can't really comment on how good a logo it is, but as art, I like it.

The metaphor of Earth as energy source in place of the Sun, with people as rays of light, radiating their existence into the void of space as we squander our precious resources, is very powerful.

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