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Jun 19, 2014, 07:47 pm Last Edit: Jun 19, 2014, 10:52 pm by andreaproietti Reason: 1
Hello, I am trying to send data from my arduino due with a wifi shield to a php page on Aruba server for writing on mysql db.

I use the following http post call:

   client.println ("POST /page.php HTTP/1.1");
   client.println ("Host:" + host);
   client.println ("User-Agent: Arduino/1.0");
   client.println ("Connection: close");
   client.println ("Content-Type: application / x-www-form-urlencoded; charset = UTF-8");
   client.print ("Content-Length:");
   client.println (urlupload.length ());
   client.println ();
   client.println (urlupload);
   client.println ();

where urlupload results as:

 urlupload = "t="+timestamplog+"&c="+(counter*Tmed)+"&v0="+valmed0+"&v1="+valmed1+"&v2="+valmed2+"&v3="+valmed3+"&v4="+valmed4+"&v5="+valmed5+"&v6="+valmed6+"&v7="+valmed7;

what I write has the form:
Timestamp               Counter   Val0  Val1    Val2    Val3    Val4    Val5    Val6    Val7
19/06/14 19:36:11   20           1631  1949   2161   2298   2312   2298   2335   1465

all goes well until the counter assumes the value 10000.
writing seems to be done, however on the db appear only a blank line.

What could be the reason? thanks

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