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I'm planning to make an electronic cabinet with 10 doors. They will be open by a keypad password.

I need some advice on how to do it:
1. how does the arduino control the 10 locks?
2. if i need a control, what can you recommend?
3. any cheap electronic locks that you can provide?
4. recommendation for the touchscreen?
5. anything that i miss-out on my design?

|--> 10 locks
|--> connected to a 3g dongle <to send me an email if its open>



Hi, I need advice on this scenario:

- I have 2 sets of 10 doors locker (LOCKER A & B) and controlled by an arduino each. 
- each arduino can control the doors of both LOCKERS A & B independently
- in case one of the arduino malfunction, the other can manage both lockers
- add another set of 10 doors locker (LOCKER C) in future plan

What is the best approach? Is it called cascading?



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I think you need to use relay modules, I have seen modules with 8 relay on board, each can be controlled by an arduino pin directly. THough i am not sure if there are 10 relay modules. just check it out. With each relay, you can attach your switch for the lock.I suggest the use of relay with external power supply since the arduino may not be able to provide enough power to the relay board.

now, for the two sets of relay boards (for lockers A and B), you may need to use 2 arduino mega's, since you may need to have 20 pins on each arduino mega (unless you want to use shift registers to reduce pins, but if you do not want to do the extra work, you may stick with the 20 pin on the mega). Also, if you plan to add another relay board, the arduino mega would be ready off the shelf as it can support another 10 pins for the relay board, but of course, if you use shift register, pins used would be reduced.

I see that you want to do a number of things with your Arduino, thus I recommend that you get the Arduino Mega for this project. You can use shields for the GSM, and for the touch screen display.

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