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I just want to know if it's possible to transform an arduino (uno / mega) as a DHCP server.

I'm going to hollyday with few friends, and we wont have any internet access or box DLS or any Router :(
And we would like to play to Age Of Mythologie (Yes we are old).

So we only have a "switch" lan rj45 and a lot of arduino with ethernet shield of course ;o)

I dont try yet this library : https://github.com/pkulchenko/DHCPLite
Will it work ? Or do you know an other method ?

Thanks a lot, Dedlefou.


If you wanna play with it for the fun of it then do it.


1. You can always configure static IP addresses on your computers.
2. Bring with you a WiFi-AP or any ADSL/VDSL router just for their DHCP service. It will work even without internet access.



Thanks for your reply ;o)

Our DSL box is very big... We cant bring one with us  :smiley-red:
But I found a tutorial to setup each computer with only a switch.

The trick should be to dont define (in the ipV4 manual conf panel) the usual dns and gateway.
Just the static ip and subnet mask. Really hope it work  :smiley-mr-green:

For this time, arduino wont help lol


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